Monday, November 30, 2009

Agave Azul

New restaurants come and go, but occasionally one comes along that you really wish could stay.  Agave Azul had a brief mention in a recent edition of the Oregonian and the "healthy selections" part caught my eye.

I can only speak for the chicken fajitas - that's what Margaret and I each ordered.  (Of course there was a margarita and a glass of wine involved.)

Our new friend, Maria brought the fajitas to the table with the requisite sizzling pan, but when we dug in, we were both surprised - no grease.  When I pointed that out, Maria said simply, "we use wine instead!"

If you can't read the graphic, they are in Gresham (of course) just off Powell on Vista, near 242nd.  Treat yourself to a friendly atmosphere and wonderfully light fajitas!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Cruise!

Yes, you eagle-eyed readers are right - it has been some time since I've blogged. Mea culpa! Won't bore you with the details, other than a pledge to get back at it.

What has caused me to get off the dime is a commitment I made to some new friends while on our Caribbean Cruise. After trying to determine how I was going to email videos of our Zip Line tour of the jungle in Belize, I realized this may be the easiest. Since the file sizes are much larger than most email systems can handle, it's merely sending a link to this post.

First, my new friend Les. We had to do some quick planning to make sure we had the camera on the "receiving" platform to get each of us landing. Here's my videography of his "zipography:"

Next, is someone who I am sorry to say, I don't know her name. However, her landing was one we shall all remember. It looks pretty "contained" in this video, but I assure you, it was a bit more "exciting" as she was coming to a stop. Enjoy your movie role!

Last, but not least: me. Les and I were quick enough to swap the camera to that we could get each other in our starring roles. And I mean quick! As you've seen, it didn't take long to get hooked in, zip, unhooked, and off to the next platform. We had to do some creative sequencing with some of our fellow zippers to buy some time between zips, but as Larry the Cable Guy might say, we "got 'er done!"

Les and I decided that when we retire and take over the tourist trade in Belize, we would keep the long bus ride, keep the lunch (not bad, actually), keep Mel (Melanie) as the tour guide, but we would absolutely do the Zipline loop 20 or 30 times (well, maybe 2 or 3) before the long ride back.

Feel free to check back for photos and more commentary.