Saturday, April 25, 2009

Go With What Got You There

Any athlete, professional or amateur, who has been involved in any sort of playoff setting knows what this post's title means. The strategies, experiences and successes (and failures for that matter!) all were factors in getting you there. Once at the big dance, you continue to use tools that were successful.

Enter The New Blogged Word. For those of you who followed The Blogged Word, the reason for the move was to simply organize Google accounts. But there's more to it. While The Blogged Word was my first foray into blogging and one that provided significant perspectives, it also was a springboard. The Ultimate Blogging Toolkit was born from that experience.

The "Kit" became formal. It's own URL, paid hosting, and experience with the new platform of WordPress. It has been a very interesting journey. It allows me to capture those things I'm learning (like URLs, hosting, WordPress, etc.) and share with others. The tag line is, "Blogging Tips and Resources for the Average Blogger." That's me. Just sharing my experiences.

But why is The New Blogged Word still being fed? Remember the title? WordPress is a very dynamic and feature rich environment, but Blogger is what got me there. It's not the first time someone kept two blogs. (I would suspect it's less work and more cost-effective than keeping two wives!) My challenge of course is to do each one justice. Here's how I'll approach that:

Although the bathroom is done, retirement might be extended since the old 401(k) is more like a 201(k), and area merchants who perform well will always be in favor. If the Kit is a place for business with some humor, the Word will be light-hearted business.

Pick your poison.